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Open Hours: Mon - Fri: 9.00 am - 6.00 pm
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ServicesYour Reliable Partner in Software Consulting & Development

Web Development: Our professional experts take pride in working with the customers to empower them for a competitive market.
Recruiting Service: Our Team of IT recruitment have professionals over 20 years of experience providing highest quality of IT professionals.
Digital Marketing: We employ focused strategies towards your business promotion and marketing to ensure profitable outcomes.
App Development: Our team is skilled in creativity to design user-friendly aesthetic apps. Be it iOS or Android, we enhance the business growth with you.
Software Development: Get a competitive advantage through upgraded functionalities with tailored and reliable software development.
Power BI: Speed up slow reports and gain more accurate insights with intuitive dashboards.

AboutExpand Your Test Coverage

With A&M, we were able to accelerate Test Automation and shorten application deployment time by almost 50%

Analyzing test coverage is instrumental in preventing the leakage of defects within the software development process. It provides a means to exercise control over key project elements such as resources, time, scope, and costs. By scrutinizing the coding paths that remain untested, it aids in identifying potential vulnerabilities and areas of improvement, ultimately contributing to the overall testing quality. Moreover, this approach ensures the early detection of bugs in the application development cycle, allowing for prompt resolution and fostering a more robust and reliable software product.

What we doBroaden your testing scope with the swift and adaptable creation of scalable end-to-end tests empowered by AI.

We excel in a range of testing domains, encompassing Usability Testing, Compatibility Testing, Security Testing, Functional and Regression Testing, and QA Policies. Usability testing, a pivotal aspect of our software testing process, lays the groundwork for understanding how customers perceive a product and identifying potential errors or challenges they might face. In today’s digital era, where product accessibility has surged, challenges in usability have proportionally increased.

Mobile app testing across both native and hybrid environments using low-code. To compete effectively in the changing global market, product companies release their applications in multiple platforms and devices, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, open source operating systems and several mobile computing devices including phones, e-readers. As a testing company, we have built our niche in mobile testing services. Expertise in testing applications developed for both native platforms (iOS, Android) and hybrid frameworks, ensuring comprehensive coverage across diverse development environments. Validate the app’s compatibility across multiple platforms, ensuring a consistent user experience regardless of whether it’s a native or hybrid application. Implement automation testing for hybrid apps, using low-code tools to efficiently create and execute automated test scripts, improving testing efficiency.

With the best automation experts with us, Our team has designed an effective automation framework and methodology that guarantees quick, change adaptive, and tester friendly solutions in the areas like Functional test automation, Performance test automation, Unit test automation, API-based automation and Custom tool creation.  we specialize in the development of cutting-edge automation frameworks that harness the power of both traditional and AI-driven tools to elevate your testing capabilities. Our expertise extends to industry-standard tools such as Selenium, Appium, TestNG, JUnit, as well as innovative AI-driven tools. Leveraging the capabilities of AI tools, including but not limited to tools like Applitools for visual testing, Testim and mabl for autonomous testing, and tools like AppRobotic for intelligent process automation, we ensure that your automation framework is not only comprehensive but also forward-thinking. This combination of traditional and AI tools allows us to craft automation solutions that are intelligent, adaptive, and geared towards enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of your software testing processes. Partner with us to embrace the future of testing with automation that leverages the latest advancements in AI technology.

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Our Team of IT recruitment have professionals over 20 years of experience providing highest quality of IT professionals. We take the time, cost, and hassle out of finding the right talent at the right time.Software Architects, Software Developers,  Software Leads, UX, QA Engineers, SDET, Scrum Masters.