860 Hebron PKWY Ste 701 Lewisville, TX 75057
Open Hours: Mon - Fri: 9.00 am - 6.00 pm
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860 Hebron PKWY Ste 701 Lewisville, TX 75057
Open Hours: Mon - Fri: 9.00 am - 6.00 pm
A&M Technologies

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In 2012, A&M Technologies was founded by a Software Developer and a QA Automation Engineer who encountered challenges in resource acquisition and talent recruitment for their projects.

The establishment of this company aimed to address this gap. Leveraging our technical background, we possess a nuanced understanding of technical requirements in contrast to non-technical recruiters. Prior to presenting candidates to the end client, we conduct a thorough prescreening process. This process encompasses three rounds: a. Hands-on programming skills assessment, b. Scenario-based questions derived from resumes, and c. Evaluation of general knowledge and commitment.

AM Technology Inc.
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Our SkillsStaffing and Recruiting Using Contemporary Techniques

We use the most recent techniques in employment and recruiting to link companies with outstanding individuals. To find the top applicants, our process combines social media sourcing, AI-driven talent matching, and extensive data analytics. We prioritize a comprehensive assessment of a candidate’s abilities as well as how well they mesh with the company’s culture. We simplify and improve the hiring process by using cutting-edge technologies like digital onboarding and virtual interviews. We keep at the forefront of talent acquisition by putting a heavy emphasis on lifelong learning and adapting to new recruiting technologies. This helps companies create vibrant, capable teams who are ready to take on the challenges of the modern workplace.